‘Ageing is not a lost youth but a new stage of opportunity and strength’
– Betty Friedan 

The month of June is time to take advantage of our $150 seniors special, valued at $250! 
This seniors check includes:
•    Tip to toe physical exam 
•    In house standard blood test with a complete blood count and analysis of your pet’s urine
•    An arthritis management plan 


All Antinol purchases and senior special consults go into the draw to win a heated pet bed sponsored by Antinol.

All patients transitioning to a Royal Canin diet go into a draw to win a 3 months supply of Royal Canin food.


As our pets age, their needs change. Vet checks on our elderly pets is all about finding out where they are on the ‘Old Age Path’. If they are in pain, to what degree and putting in place ways of making them as comfortable as possible.

Although commonly seen as normal signs of the ageing process, our pets can often show symptoms of an underlying age-related illness or condition.

Does your pet suffer from, or appear to have any of the below?
•    Weight loss or gain
•    Change in appetite 
•    Excessive drinking and/or urination
•    Appear stiff, have joint pain or reduced activity
•    Discomfort on rising after rest or after exercising 
•    A head tilt, disorientation or seem confused
•    A persistent cough
•    Bad breath, bleeding gums and/or plaque buildup
•    Eye changes
•    Lumps or bumps
•    Coat changes
•    Change in toileting routine
•    Hearing loss, ear odor, redness or scratching of ears and skin
•    Toileting accidents

These things don't have to be a part of life, let us help them get their quality back.....

Book in your Seniors month consult today!
Please remember, this consult is not for patients that are clinically unwell.
To see if your pet qualifies and to book an appointment please call us on 9257 1600 and speak with one of our friendly receptionists. 

When booking online please add in the comment section “Seniors Special”.

Terms and conditions apply.

  1. Offer available until 30 June 2021
  2. Offer only applies to outwardly healthy pets.
  3. Eligible patients include;
    1.    Cats over 8 years old.
    2.    Dogs over 6 years old and greater than 35 Kg.
    3.    Dogs over 8 years old.
  4. Only one special consult per pet.
  5. Offer does not apply to pets that are unwell, presenting to the vet due to illness, disease or non-age related issues.
  6. This special offer is provided at the discretion of the veterinary surgeon in attendance at the time.