Emergency Procedures

We hope your pet never needs us for an emergency however, emergencies do happen.

If you have an emergency please call WAVES on 9412 5700 or Murdoch University on 1300 652 494 now

Although Kalamunda Veterinary Hospital has the facilities to deal with most emergencies, there are limitations;
We are not an "open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year emergency centre".

We do not have the number of staff necessary to be a 24/7 emergency centre and we do not have overnight supervision of inpatients.

Our aim is to help you by offering a convenient, high standard of emergency care to the best of our ability but ask you to understand that we cannot be available all of the time. There will be periods when you will call us and receive an answering message directing you to call an emergency centre.

The closest two are;
WAVES emergency centre             9412 5700
Murdoch Pet Emergency Centre    1300 652 494

Both centres offer an excellent service, both are only 35 minutes away and are our back up service for when we cannot attend to your pet ourselves. The rest of the time, we are here for you!